Nederlandsk felles Fordtreff

Fordmania i Bunnik søndag 25. mai 2003


Dear Ford-fan,
A whole century of Fords, for 100 years Fords are produced and driven with lots of pleasure. Therefor a succesfull event is at place. Fordmania 2003.

The purpose of this event is, to let all european Ford-fans come together and enjoy a great day in Bunnik, The Netherlands. Showing beautiful Fords from Oldtimers to the most recent models will be one of the activities. All joining clubs will show what they stand for. Collectors can share there specific Ford-parts. All parts from Motormanagementchips to spoilers will be sold by various parties.

The public from all over the world can exchange ideas, learn more about there ford, meet other Ford-fans, ask for advice, buy goodies, and so on.
The participating Fordclubs can show you all they've got, from T-Ford to T-shirt. Most likely you as a visitor have you're own pride, from Xr2i till Cosworth, therefore there will be a Beauty contest. Were expecting visitors from all over Europe, therefore Fordmania 2003 will be held in Bunnik, near the centre of Holland.

Bunnik, Exit 19 on highway A12 between Utrecht and Arnhem.
Fordmania 2003 will be held near this exit.

Sunday May 25th 2003

06.00h till 10.00h - From scratch to event (all joining parties can set up their own spot).
10.00h till 17.00h - Fordmania 2003
17.00h till 19.00h - Cleaning up.

Reservations / Participations:
Looking for reservations, or a nice discount?

Want to participate?

Do you have some spare parts on you're attick? and the standard spots on Fordmania are too large? Just e-mail you're request to the Team and ask for a custom price.

More information about participating and visiting Fordmania 2003 can be found at

We hope to see you May 25th at Fordmania 2003.

Kind Regards,
The Team