Jeffs '72 GXL beeing restored:


Autumn 2003 - latest news:

I now take about 8 month to dismantle all the mechanic of my TC. A 2300 cc V6 is going in (coming from a granada 114 PK) with a 5 speed gear box from a Sierra.

I've to change the front suspensions, because of the weight, the radiator, the rear train (because of the gear range) It's a very big job and I'm not a specialist.

I also will paint brain new all the pieces and the motor cage. I think it will be wonderful. I send you some photos of the car at this moment :

Greetings !


In earlier: From Jeff in Belgium we have received the following photos from the renovation of his yellow GXL. Even though the first picture looks like it's taken straight out of a Ford-catalogue, it really is Jeffs car:

The following two pictures were taken when Jeff had just bought the car:

The paler area in front of the back tire indicates that something has to be done.

This broad grin belongs to a Knudsen-Taunus, no doubt about that!

As many of us have experienced we are often in need of some transportation in the beginning of a reneval:

The long process of disassembling, bodywork, priming, rubbing and painting follows, and the rest of the photos were taken after the car had been painted.

The picture above shows Jeff and his son painting chassis-protection and here is the result:

The car is freshly painted, but still very clean. No windows, no fancy wheels and just a straight black area in the back.

Here the word "Taunus" is back in place:

Yet more crome back in place together with the taillights:

And here the fender and windows make the picture complete:

This picture shows the car freshly painted with the engine and its proper wheels:

It's beginning to look like a whole car again:


As the observant viewer has spotted there were two Taunus'es in the picture of the chassis-painting. The other car is also a GXL, and here the two coupes are parked together:

In the next picture the yellow GXL is almost reassembled, even the antenna is back in place:

Even the front is beginning to look like before:

Then the lights can be fitted in place - so they were:

Pictures of the car as it is now, will be sent over when they are ready.

And in spring 2004 we received this mail: Good morning, I send you some last photos of my TC and the V6 2300 that I have restaured to install in my car:

This site is talking about the story of my car. But it is in french...


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