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- fra andre Taunusentusiaster


Hi, my name is Tristan, i'm from New Zealand and this is my 1983 mk5 Cortina.

I bought it off a teacher and it was originally a 2 Litre 4 Cylinder manual but has now got a 2.3L V6 and 4 Speed Manual. It is possibly the only V6 manual Wagon in the southern hemisphere (the only cortina/taunus wagons we got way down here was the 2L manual wagon. and the only V6 we got was the mushy V6 Auto Ghia sedan, almost all in gold.  yuck!)

My motor and box were brought here in a mk5 V6 Sport, by a ford dealer when he moved to nz in '86. I have spent nearly 200 hours removing the bumpers and filling the holes, i also moved and recessed the rear numberplate and tucked the exhaust up close
to the body. it is my pride and joy and i love keeping up with the boy
racers in there plastic japanese cars.

As the back seat is always down for my bandgear or going camping anyway, future plans include welding up the back doors and windows (except the boot and boot window obvously) and turning it into a delivery. twin headlights 'BMW style' and twin exhausts (to make the most of that lovely V6 exhaust note.)

hope you like the pics. love the website. especially the orange
stationwagon. mmmm sexy.

Den korte og fyndige hilsenen fra Markitos i Argentina lyder som følger: Jeg er Markitos og min Taunus.

Og at bilen kanskje ikke er det vi synes den ser ut som, vet de av oss som har lest orienteringen til Alejandro i Taunus-posten 4/03. Der fortalte han blant annet at i Argentina ble førstetypen produsert mellom 1974 og 1980!


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