Hilsener til klubben

- fra Europa:


Fra besøk i Tyskland:

David har sendt oss dette bildet, og han skriver:

Here is an old pic of me and my '75 1600. It was my ride while I was stationed in Germany 1981-84. Thought I share. I loved that car! I hope it lives on somewhere.

Fra Serbia:

Fra Petar har vi fått denne hilsenen, og han fatter seg i korthet:

Srbija, Sombor. pozdrav

Fra Russland:

This is a 1979 Taunus with 3000 ccm V6 engine.Fully RE-mastered by me on my own from 1995. Sincerelly, Nick.

Fra Tyrkia:

Hello Friends, My name is Erdal. I am a Ford Taunus owner from
Turkey. My Taunus is a '77 2 door saloon with a 2000cc V6

This is our Taunus web page in Turkey here and here.

Fra England:

Here is my 2.8gls 2dr built from a 1300 2dr enjoy regards steve

Fra Irland:

Hi. I live in Ireland and this is my Taunus 1600 GXL. Originally a French car, she was in the UK for some years before I brought her to Ireland. I plan to upgrade her this winter using the running gear from a Mk5 Cortina 2.3 V6 ghia.

Also shown is my ex-South African 3.0S Cortina, another rarity in Ireland.

Fra Bosnia Herzegovina:

Skonadino has sent us pictures of his car and the greeting below.

hallo! i'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina and here are few pictures of my ford taunus.

34 yrs old 1,6 engine and 205 BFGoodrich tires.

wish you all the best!

Fra Jugoslavia:

From Misko we have received this picture of his Taunus 1.6 L from 1973. This car is for sale for 1800 EUR.

Fra Estland:

We have heard from Lauri in Estonia earlier, and now he has sent us some recent pictures of his car:

The letters on the car even reflect light in the dark:

If you want to see how his car looked before this last finishing touch, take a look here. More pictures are found at: www.fordtaunus.net

Fra Ungarn:

Viktor in Hungary has sent us this greeting: Hi! It is a 75er Taunus, with 2.0 v6 engine.

Maybe you've seen his greeting in our guestbook?

No doubt a lot of work has been done to make this car special both on the outside and in the engine compartment.

Fra Nederland:

I am a really Taunus freak. My name is Alice and I come from Holland. We don't have Taunus clubs round here, what I think is very wrong. At the regular Ford clubs you don't often see a TC II or TC III.

My Taunus is a 1.6 GL automatic, build 1980, 140.000 km. It's original, and the furniture looks like new.

I'm busy right now to make my Taunus ready for a paint job. It becomes a real German police car. (What they can do with an american car, I can do with a German car). When it's ready, I will send you new pictures.

Greetings, Alice

Fra Estland:

Hello. My name is Argo and I have Ford Taunus Coupe 1.6, 1975.

These are the old pictures. I am restoring my car at the moment, hope to send you some better pictures soon.

I live in Estonia and I am hoping to make some contacts with other Taunus fans in other countries - skriver Argo.

Fra Polen:

Hello! My name is Marcin and I come from Poland.

This is my car - a Ford Taunus '79, 2.0 V6, Ghia.

Fred har sendt oss bilder av noen av de Taunusene han har av type II og III, og vi begynner med denne:

This red Taunus II was build 02.1978, has a 1,6L engine (LC) 68 HP and a GL-outfit, skriver han. De neste bildene viser andre av hans type II Taunus'er:

Under ser vi en Ghia, også den av mellomtypen:

Han har også et par stasjonsvogner av sistetypen:

I have 8 Taunus II and III. The cars are not all ready to drive. My familycar is a 1996 Scorpio Cosworth. Great stuff!!!

Fra Estland:

From Lauri in Estonia we have received these two pictures of his styled mid-model Taunus. Lauri writes that the car is a 1976 GL with a V6 engine.

More pictures of this car is found here at the website of the Estonian Ford Taunus club.

Now he is working on a station wagon, see pictures here.

Fra Sveits:

Hello - here are the pictures of our Taunus!!! I hope you like it.

My name is Patric, and I have a white Coupé with a 2.8 Liter top modified engine. The interieur is black and almoust everything is new!!!

And I also have the dark green 4 door Limousine. It`s a 2.0 stock engine. The interieur is brown and this is my Car for every day:

And the third Car is Pascals 4 door Limo. This car in top original condition. The Interieur is brown and the engine is a 2.0 stock:

See you soon - greetings from Switzerland

Fra Ungarn:

Hi, Greetings from Hungary! Congratulation to your Taunus-club. I would like to send a picture of my favorite car. It's a '73 Taunus GXL automatic. A have a plan to fix this car soon, but it's up to money and time, of cource. Good bye guys, I wish you luck to the Club. Karcsi.

Fra Nederland:

Low quality picture of my car, but it's the only one I have at this time in digitized format...

Freshly in: see the whole story of this car with lots of pictures.

Originally, it was a blue 2-door '79 Ford Taunus 1.6L sedan. Then everything was painted black/red, we mounted a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine under the hood, and there we go... One year later the car got an accident and had to be rebuild.

Engine was swapped by an old 2.8 liter Granada engine with attached to it a 5-speed gearbox taken from an old Sierra XR4. Mounted an even larger wing on the back and expanded the wheels to 8,5 and 9 inch wide ones (205x50 front/ 235x45 rear) and lifted the rear-axle a bit. Put 6 Rally-2000 beams on the front and 8 additional smaller ones, which gives a total of 18 headlights, which gave me serious trouble with the local police several times.

I now have a Ford 12M and 17M. The 12M will be sold, and I'll keep the 17M for future modifications :-) Grtx, Sysop Fox-1

Fra Tyskland:

My Name is Markus and I am a big Fan of the Ford Taunus. At this Moment i´ve got Three of Them. My Favorit is in full Restauration. The Picture is 3 jeahrs old . But he would be the same after my work. Hope to see it at your site. Bye, Markus.

Fra Frankrike:

This is a Ford Taunus 1973, 1.3 XL, er alt Karim skriver om denne.

Fra Slovakia:

Hi, I'm Marian from Slovakia and I have FORD TAUNUS MK4 1977 2.0V6 GHIA. I send photo of this car:

You have nice fordpage. I'm vice president of the OLDFORD CLUB SLOVAKIA. We have Cortina's, Granada's, Capri's, Taunus's members. Our homepage is: http://www.oldfordclub.sk/

Have fun with pictures .... Best regard Marian.

Fra Ungarn:

Denne firedørs 1.6L '74 modellen, ruller i Ungarn, og tilhører József. Bildet over ble tatt for noen år siden. Etterhvert meldte behovet for en oppussing seg:

Like før jul sendte Jozsef nye bilder, og det er ikke tvil om at bilen nå har fått et nytt liv:

Fra Russland:

Hello, my name is Peter, I'm from Russia, Moscow. I have a Ford Taunus '78 1.6L.

My grandfather have bought it in 1978 NEW and in 1980 took it in Moscow. By this time it has gone 125.000 km and still in good condition. I would like you just to show my pictures on your site.

Fra Tyrkia:

Hello... I am the owner of the blue Ford in your site....., skriver Mustafa om denne bilen. Først et bilde av den i ultralav versjon:

Selv beskriver han bilen sånn: "1988" Ford Taunus 1.6 GL (made in Turkey - Otosan) *A bit modified engine (bored to 1900 cm3)

*A unique electrical exhaust system. There is a switch in the dash which can toggle between high and low sounds of the exhaust. (i.e. low in the city or increase the ROAR while racing or in the shows) *LPG System (runs on both regular gas or propane via a switch in the dash)

*Body colour fiberglass spoilers allround (sides, trunk, rear and front) *Headers *Power door locks *Power windows *Remote controlled security system *Sport front seats *Leather upholstery *Tinted dark black windows


*A 1300 Watts all Pioneer stereo system with a steering wheel remote, radio/casette head unit, 6-CD changer, 2 X 800 W amplifier, subwoofers etc....

Og enda noen flere bilder av denne bilen finner du på denne siden: http://users.mayanet.com.tr/camel/1988_ford_taunus_1.htm

Fra England:

Hello, I am Tony from England. I own a 1983 Cortina (Taunus) Mk5 2.1 GLS. The GLS model is rare in the UK as it features factory fitted Recaro seats and many other extras.

My car is one of the very last GLS models registered and has many additional extras. I have fitted a 5 speed gearbox, a 2.1 litre RS engine, Ford Motorsport exhaust, lowered suspension pack, additional rear headrests, RS Mexico sports steel road wheels, and a Granada 2.8i front spoiler along with custom made quarter bumpers.


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