Saturday 17th of June 2000 everything was setteled for the first ever meeting in the history of the Ford Taunus Club of Norway. After careful consideration we picked a large parking lot in Maridalen, (a green valley close to Oslo).

Members from all over the country was invited and even the weather was good, so many of the participants decided to use their disposable barbecues.

All in all eight Taunuses showed up, in addition to an Escort cab, a Granada an english Sunbeam cab and a Tempo. The cars varied from a 1974 1600 L to an '80 2.3 GLS with a Scorpio 2.4 i-engine, a fivestep transmission and Ghia interior.

Most variations over the subject Taunus was there, from original to modified, upgraded, lowered, with Wunderbaum etc.

Most of the people present came from the eastern and southern parts of Norway, but Egil and Christine came all the way from Florø in their 1974 coupé with 2.3-engine and a '78-front. They combined their trip to Oslo with a visit to some of their family, but still the distance travelled was impressing.

As the day passed, some parts for sale turned up and Martin had brought a bit of his large collection of Ford-litterature and model cars.

The conclusion has to be that this was a great success with many new acquaintances. The next meeting will be at Ford2000 at Lillehammer August 18th-20th. Hopefully we'll se even more Taunuses there.

(Thanks to Geir for this report! Unfortunately Egil, who took pictures of all the cars, got his film destroyed, so these are the best pictures se have.)