- the largest Ford-meeting ever in Norway



This picture is from August 19th and the historical exibition in Håkons Hall - which was one of the many olympic arenas used during the winter games at Lillehammer in 1994.

Now both European and American Fords were on display, ranging from a 1907-model to the very latest models.

The 1907-model no doubt had got much of its appearance from the many horse carriages still around when the car was made.

Many different Ford-clubs had stands, and this one was ours. Here we could sit down and talk, club-members and others alike, during the exibition. At this picture, from the right, is member 048 Henning, member 008 Torbjørn and two of Torbjørns pals.

Here is the view from our stand - we overlooked the long line of Consul and Granada.

Older Consuls lined up. Both colours and shape more than indicates that they were produced decades ago.

Also the once not so popular model named after one of Henry Fords sons - Edsel - was on display.

Three cars from the Early V8-club. "Gangstercaps" is one of many details lost in the modern wind-tunnels.

Lights from the roof reflected itself in shiny paint all over the hall, here shown in a few of the cars from the Ford m-club.


The next day, in the rain at Hunderfossen, the best modified and the best original car of each model got a prize.

Well deserved, member 011 Rune got the prize for the best modified Taunus with his car, a '71 Taunus with Cosworth Turbo. He has put hours of work into every detail of this car.

And the prize for the best original Taunus was given to this car, a '74 Taunus, restored and owned by member 001, Lisbeth.

Click here for pictures from the outdoor meeting next day at nearby Hunderfossen.