Who are we?

We are Taunus-enthusiasts who for different reasons spend both time and effort to keep one or more old Taunuses on the road.

We quite simply like this reliable and once so common car with its many peculiarities.

Have you too had problems with doors that freeze right through during winter, with doorhandles that remains in upright position after use or maybe you've had to change worn out bushings lately?

Been there - done that!

Who can become a member?

The club is nationwide and open to all who are interested in Taunuses produced between 1970 and 1982.

It doesn't matter if your car is original or modified - or if you for some reason should be so unlucky as to be without a Taunus at present ;-)

Why become a member?

Joining the Ford Taunus club of Norway will make life easier for those of you who want to keep an older Taunus alive.

In our register we can search for others having the same kind of model as you have, and as a member you'll have free access to help on anything from technical issues to assistance in finding the parts you need.

You'll also benefit from discounts given to club members, and you'll be posted on when and where you can meet other Taunus-owners for a club-meeting or a drive. As a member you'll get our newsletter which will keep you updated on club-activities.

Getting together is important, and we had our first club-meeting ever, a one day meet in June 2000. Of course we also participated at the big happening that year, the Ford 2000, in August.