Franks red candy GXL and more:


This is a 1971 Ford Taunus GXL coupé, original two litre V6. For the time being it houses a 2.3 V6, but this will be changed for a 2.8 V6.

The car is on the whole in good shape. It has 15" aluminium-fellys and 190/50/15 tires. I bought the car in May 1998.

And here are a couple of pictures showing a Ford Taunus I owned in 1998. The car is a '82 mod. 2.0 Bravo II and some rubber was burned!!!

This one, a '76-model 1.6 GL, was not much rusty and it was mine about a couple of years ago.

A picture from the change of a worn out rear axle on a '81 two litre estate wagon I owned a few months three years ago.

And this '74-model 1.6L was in my possesion at the same time as the car above.

This one, a'77-model which originally was a 1.6L, was given a two litre engine while member nr. 024, Glenn, owned it. I bought it about four years ago, and put a 2.6L in it.


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