Kjetils first car and his last project - so far:


Summer 1993: This was my favourite at the time: Recaro seats, is-engine, 2" exhaust, 3.44 rear axle and with a total cost of more than £ 4000 in renewal.

Winter 1994: Lots of snow, the Olympics, (people on skies) and a freshly renewed '74 Taunus.

I built an engine with turbo. Great fun!! Ca 165 HK.

Here another car with a paint that has just changed from green metallic. This was in 1991 and the owner at the time was Stian, member 004. He owned the car for five years until he sold it.

When I later got hold of it again, it was full of scars after four years of bad handling.

February 1999: This is what the interior looked like after removal of a fury carpet and leopard seat-covers all covered in mould.

Getting back in shape again with Recaro and stuff.

Here is the car after thorough cleaning. PS: there is primer under the new filler, it's even acid-primed.

Trying out a real engine! (270 HK). But!!! no money.

So this is the result so far - a "taxi-engine". Sigh.

Here the main part of the body has got the right colour on top of one layer of acid primer and two layers of epoxy-primer. Next in line was work on the front:

It's beginning to take shape, right?

Done!!! - almost... This is the last picture here of this Taunus (maybe):


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