Frodes mix of pictures:


Different stages of the same car, a 1600 '78-model. The original first:


"Second look". The Taunus was hit by a Volvo 240. Unfortunately the insurance didn't cover much, but the car was roughly repaired and then painted - with a brush. The idea was to give it a "bad taste"-look all through. I'll say we reached our goal.

An obvious inspiration by the 80's?


3rd edition. After some years you get tired of people not taking the "bad taste"-image for what it really is: humor! Maybe it was time to go back to basic?

Here a 2.0 V6 with welded skirts and expanded rear wings. The paint costed £ 1400 in the late 80's. Unfortunately the owner hit a tree and the right rear wing was "crushed". I bougth the car for £ 200 some years later.

A somewhat tragic picture of a '80 1600. It was used so hard that the engine caught fire. If it can be of any consolation all good parts were replaced with bad used ones. The car has rust all over, and both wings and bonnet were replica. Owner: anonymus.


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